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We meet at Brunel's Bristol Temple Meads station. A ten minute walk away is Moor Brewery tap room where we'll have a third pint of their popular beer while hearing more about the brewery and about their extensive range, from which you will then choose another beer to enjoy.

It's a short walk to our next stop which will be, depending on the day, a lovely little bar called To The Moon or traditional pub The Barley Mow. We'll have some bar snacks to nibble on with our beer here.

After that, there's some history of Old Market as we pass through to get to a small traditional pub for a half of cask beer of your choice.

A stroll through castle park, Bristol's oldest area, and down some cobbled streets, is our last stop, a brilliant craft beer bar. We'll enjoy some more locally produced beers here. In total, you'll have a minimum of 7 beers included.


We meet on College Green just before 3pm and get stuck straight into the "grafitti" part of the title with our first Banksy.
It's not far to Zerodegrees microbrewery where we'll have 3 or 4 small glasses of different beers, most of which are brewed there on site. Now the "gradients" part. Up hill a little further is a lovely little pub The Robin Hood, where you'll choose a half pint from their cask range, which we'll enjoy with a few bar snacks. It's a pleasant fifteen minute walk though Kingsdown to the next traditional pub, where we'll choose another half. Down a steep hill is graffiti central, Stokes Croft. We'll visit The Canteen for our last beer of the day after spotting a few more Banksy's.


We'll visit three fabulous Bristol breweries and learn about the beer making process with a tour.
In each brewery we'll enjoy either three thirds or two halves of their own delicious beer made right there on the premises, all included in the price.
We'll also include something light to eat to keep you going. 
Each 'Triple Brewery Special' will be different this year, with the breweries and precise meeting point (which will be central Bristol) being announced at least three weeks before. 

History of Castle Park
Grafitti in Stokes Croft
Beer in To The Moon

We'll meet at Bristol Beer Factory brewery tap room. These guys have a fabulous core range of beers as well as innovative specials popping up throughout the year. Here we'll enjoy a paddle of three very different delicious beers which are all made on the premises.

It's a fantastic stroll down North Street, as this is where Upfest, (Europe's largest live graffiti & street art festival) is held, so many buildings are covered with new artwork each year. We'll stop twice at pubs for a half and some bar snacks along our way.

When we reach the harbourside, by Wapping Wharf, I'll fill you in on some of Bristol historic docks interesting past.

Our forth and final refreshment stop is Wild Beer. These guys brew about half an hour outside of Bristol and embrace individuality. We'll have a member of their team to talk us through three of their own fabulous and unusual beers as we drink them.



Bring your date (or up to 5 friends) on this unique mystery beer tour.       

You won't have a guide or a group of people hurrying you along , this tour of my favorite local watering holes allows you to drink at your own pace, at a time and date of your choice.

Moor Beer is your starting point, where you'll each enjoy two thirds from their extensive range of keg beers & be given your welcome envelope from one of the lovely bar staff​. This will reveal where you're going next.

You'll then venture onto 3 other locations in the area to enjoy more of Old Market's  independent  treasures. You get a drink in each venue that's included in the price​,​ but feel free to stay for more if you fancy!

At the end you'll be given a goodie bag with beers & other treats to take home.



If you'd like to visit on a Saturday and make a full day of it I can add on a brewery tour and additional stops.

Please contact me before booking so that we get the timings and prices right.

The Datemakers site is designed and priced for two people only. If you are a group of 3-6 people then

get in touch with me (Heather) directly here

Also available to book onto exclusively through Airbnb:

Need more info? Have a read the FAQs or contact us

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