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How many people on a guided tour?

The maximum number of people on most guided tours is about 12. Feel free to come in smaller groups, couples or by yourself. The objective is to include everyone and for all to have a good time, therefore the maximum number of tickets one person can buy is six.

The venues I use for the self-guided tours are mostly small, independent places that aren't suited towards large, noisy groups. Therefore, these are also restricted to groups of six. 

I can arrange private tours if you have a larger group or have something special in mind, please look at the private booking page. I can also customise a self-guided tour for you, booking you onto brewery tours, providing maps, itinerary and beer tokens, which can be arranged for any day of the week. 

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What time do I need to arrive?

Please arrive 5 mins before the start time to allow us to leave promptly.
If you are running late, you can use messenger or e-mail to let me know before the start time, so that I can arrange to meet you at later stop.

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What should I bring?

This is a walking tour, covering up to 2 miles to get back to start point, with hills and cobbles in places, so comfy shoes are a must!
The afternoon tours last for over three and a half hours, in which the weather may change. Suntan lotion, sunglasses and a hat is what we hope to need, umbrellas and waterproofs are what we hope not to need but must consider!
Please also bring ID, as a venue may want to check that you are old enough to consume alcohol.

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Are the tours suitable for vegans?

Luckily in Bristol the majority of our breweries don't use finings so it's easier to be a vegan beer drinker here than most other cities. In fact, Bristol has been named the 'vegan capital'.
Some of our breweries, however, offer a beer that have lactose in (Bristol is quite big on 'Milk Stout')

Aside from the 'South of the River' and the very occasional  'Triple Brewery Tour', I can easily ensure that a guided tour can be vegan friendly if you let me know.
Unfortunately, the Cross-harbour self-guided tour is unsuitable but the Old Market one is perfect if you email me in advance.

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Am I able to bring my dog?

Both self-guided tours are dog friendly, as long as they are kept under control, well-behaved and you start no later than 3.30pm. Some venues even have dog treats on the bar. 

If you want to come along on a guided tour and can't leave  your dog at home, please ask me about your tour of choice and I will check with venues and other customers booked onto that tour to see if anybody minds.


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Who is behind Bristol Hoppers?

My name is Heather & I have lived in Bristol for 20 years. Until around six years ago I would always order either cider or stout at the bar. I considered beer to be bitter and unrefreshing at room temperature (the concept of keg beer had not yet reached me)
I live in Old Market and a few years ago Moor brewery opened a tap room nearby. As a dark beer drinker, I was in my element with their fantastic simple Stout, their coffee stout, Dark Alliance and their spiced porter, Last Minute. 
One Friday night I was persuaded to try something different from Moor's keg offerings. I braved  a sip and then tried them all! 

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Why start Bristol Hoppers?

Three main reasons. The first is because I love Bristol . We have so many amazing pubs and breweries that people don't even know about. I want to get people moving around and exploring different areas, supporting independent, Bristol based businesses.

The second reason is I want to encourage people to be brave and try beer styles that they wouldn't usually opt for. I love it when somebody finds their new favorite beer.

The third is about people. I want those that have recently moved to Bristol, those who's friends or partners don't appreciate being in a brewery that just sells beer and those who simply fancy mixing with more people to be able to come along and have a fun afternoon with a friendly group. 

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