Private bookings & date suggestions

Private, custom tours for every occasion.

Are you looking for ideas on ways to spend your break in Bristol, celebrate your birthday or anniversary, arranging a work jolly or Christmas party or even in charge of a stag do or hen do?

I'm Heather and I can customise a tour for you, starting at any meeting point, or your hotel if you are visiting. I can also add in food, a ferry trip, brewery tour or even the opportunity to pull your own cask ale pint through a traditional hand pump and drink it in a beer garden. 

Tours can be made dog friendly, 100% vegan and accessible for all - just tell me what you need and I'll select the most suitable venues and routes. (Most Bristol breweries have vegan friendly beers, as they are using finings less, but some beers contain lactose)

Click here to tell me what you're looking for (including preferred dates, time of day, size of your group, budget and the occasion and I'll usually come back to you within 24 hours)  

Dates for guided tours available from August 2021, although I can arrange a fun day out sooner than this without a guide to take you between venues. I can book tables, arrange brewery tours, tastings, maps and even goodie bags.

I can arrange something fun for any budget! 


Date suggestions for group tours

Are you wanting to book onto a group tour but their are no tours on the date you'd like? If you are between 1 and 6 people, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll see if I can fit a tour onto your requested date. After all, most of my dates are from suggestions or picked from thin air!


I also offer a self-guided tours for couples or small groups to do at your own pace. You get given a map at the first stop and take yourselves around your own mystery tour! It's £19 a head and drinks are all included. Click here to take a look!