COVID-19 Update. (UPDATED 12/5/20)

In these uncertain times, it’s been incredibly difficult to write this statement.

Bristol Hoppers uses dozens of independent small businesses across Bristol, from the places we visit to the beer we drink. These business owners and their staff are my friends and it's a very distressing time.

I am lucky. Bristol Hoppers is just me. I have no staff on my books and I have a part time job that pays my bills. My business can patiently wait out the virus and, with your understanding, thrive once the virus has passed.

This is how I have decided to proceed:


New Bookings

It breaks my heart but have suspended all bookings for self-guided tours until at least mid July and guess that it may not be until September that I can take guided tours again. I will review this regularly.


Existing Bookings

I have emailed everybody with a booking before the end of June already. If you have a tour coming up soon and have not received an email, please check your junk mail and contact me at

If you have a booking further ahead than this, I will be in touch as soon as I have dealt with the shorter-term issues.

As a small business supporting other small businesses through my tours, I hope that some of you will be happy to receive a gift voucher to use at a later date if your tour can’t go ahead or you are unable to take it.  However, I understand completely if you’d rather cancel and receive a refund.


Existing Gift Vouchers

I will be extending the validity of gift vouchers, so that no self-guided tour gift voucher that was still in date on 14/3/20 will expire before 14/9/20. I will review this if the pubs have not reopened by the middle of July. 

For those with guided tour vouchers, every one of them will be extended by three months, but all guided tour vouchers will have the earliest possible expiry date of 1/12/20.  I will review this regularly.  If you have a voucher for a guided tour expiring this year, I’d advise you to either subscribe to my beery newsletters or check my website for tour date announcements.


New Gift Vouchers

Yes please! A gift voucher means a promise that I can make to pubs and breweries that we have customers coming once everything is able to reopen.

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